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I come from WordPress and for me Rainmaker was like switching from PC to Mac: a much smoother experience and big amounts of time and energy saved from not having to bother with under-the-hood stuff. And the strange paradox is, you can actually do a lot more with Rainmaker than with just WordPress and plugins.

Rainmaker makes it so easy to focus on content and to produce it with confidence. The user interface is so approachable that you have no excuse to just dive right in start creating.

I recently moved to the Rainmaker platform, because I wanted to work more on my business, and less on the details of maintaining a website. I can create all different types of content, like private membership forums, podcasts, and more. It’s just push-button simple to get most things started. I vouch for it. I trust my business to it. I believe in the company who supports it. Get some.

Web designer/developer friend has been looking over the Rainmaker Platform for me. He is remarkably impressed.

I have been very happy with the Rainmaker platform. I was able to launch my redesigned site on my own without the need of a graphic designer or programmer to help with any coding.
The best feature has been the responsive and helpful customer support. I have received explanations for all of my questions and more hands on support if I was unsure how to make some custom changes beyond my comfort level.

I got tired of fumbling around with the technical side of WordPress. I found myself spending more time ‘tweaking’ things than actually publishing. With Rainmaker I don’t have to worry about that. The technical stuff is taken care of, yet it still gives me enough flexibility to be unique. Rainmaker does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

After paying a design firm more than $1,000 for a custom non-responsive design, and then finding reliable hosting with good features, I found myself struggling to keep up with managing my platform. It seemed that there were constant security releases which required me to update my WordPress plugins and re-test my website. I’m in the coaching business, not the website updating business!

Rainmaker allows me to skip hiring web developers. I no longer have to fiddle around with testing security patches and updating plugins. I can focus on creating great content for my tribe. Not only that, but because the Rainmaker designs are all responsive, my site looks great on mobile devices without me needing to do ANYTHING.

Did I mention that I can easily sell products, accepting credit cards using the built-in stripe authentication? All I have to do is publish the product, set the price, and the money goes directly to my bank account. Simple simple simple!

I’m re-launching my podcast, and Rainmaker has podcast support built in from the beginning – easy to post, easy to update, and because it’s built on a wordpress back end, I can post blog updates from my phone, using the wordpress app!

Rainmaker allows me to focus on creating great content and growing my tribe. That’s what I want to do – I don’t want to be the IT guy, I want to be the great coach my clients need. Rainmaker lets me put the content first, and supports me with a great library of features all in one simple package. I more than make up for the additional cost by having more TIME to focus on what’s really important.

The keyword tool helped me rank a YouTube video in a day. Good stuff.

With Rainmaker I’ve stopped worrying about my website, now I spend time working on my business. I love the automagic updates, the background security. But what I love most is the attitude behind the platform, “We’re going to help you shine!”

I love Rainmaker because it allows me to focus on the marketing and content creation, not a ton of tech. I can have a member portal, protected downloads, private forums, and more without hiring a tech team.

I absolutely love the Rainmaker platform. I have personally sat down and calculated all the independent costs of everything offered and it’s really a bargain for webmasters in need of a solid, stable, secure and FAST platform that lets you build landing pages, host podcasts and more. Bonus points for the slick design you created.

I’m still working my way through the learning process and it’s nice to know there are real people like Andrea, Jennifer B. and Kim Clark on the Customer Support Team who care and are more than happy to walk me through any challenges. Even Brian Clark stepped in at one point to help make sure I was doing ok. The Forums are also a helpful feature where you can interact with other users. I’ve already been telling friends about the service and look forward to seeing the Rainmaker Platform flourish.

Just launched on Rainmaker and very happy with it :)

Rainmaker takes all the grunt work out of maintaining a WordPress site because all your updates and plugins are handled for you, no hacking, crashing, or open sorcery to worry about. Plus, Rainmaker’s inclusion of a full-on content library, membership registration, and the ability to sell digital products is a combination not seen by the Internet yet. This is hands down the most interesting and promising marketing platform for businesses doing online business.

If the Copyblogger folks are releasing something new, I knew it had to be good and I wanted to take a look. In short, the Rainmaker Platform will have you doing a happy dance. All of the WordPress goodness I love was in a pretty user interface that was more beautiful than WordPress itself. You know I love WordPress, so me saying anything is better than WordPress is rare for me. Rainmaker is designed by content marketers for content marketers. That’s probably all you need to hear.

Learn from my mistakes, start with Rainmaker platform.

Overall, I’ve found that Rainmaker allows me to spend less time tweaking my website and more time tweaking my business. With other WordPress sites, I’ve spent far too many hours analyzing options for mailing list integration, podcast hosting, e-commerce options, and membership systems. Rainmaker provides solid options for each, allowing me to focus my time and energy on developing my community and business through solid content.

What I love most about Rainmaker is the seamless integration of literally every element I need to efficiently run my online business. No more struggling with multiple plug-ins, dealing with updates, or compatibility issues – and the days of worrying about the security of my site are long gone. Rainmaker is the total package, and I can’t imagine running my business without it.

I have a technology background so I’m capable of coding most anything; however, that also takes me away from what I need to focus on, which is my business. I’ve used a lot of different software tools and platforms in my career, and Rainmaker is like nothing I’ve seen before. The brilliant design and ease of use is incredible.

Most of all I love the membership area. They’ve made it easy to use and it takes the headaches out of getting a member area up and running.

If you ever need assistance, the Copyblogger team is there to help. It was an honor to be part of the pilot program for many reasons. Although I had to endure their growing pains (which was part of the agreement), I also helped to shape the service by providing feature requests and identifying bugs (of which there were few).

I can’t say enough about this powerful platform. If you’re a serious business owner you’ll want to move to Rainmaker.

New Rainmaker WP-based platform works! Tech support is fast and knows what they’re doing.

Been checking out the Rainmaker Platform, it is insanely awesome.

If you’re a business owner, here’s what I know:

You don’t want to mess with your server. You don’t want to mess with plugins. You don’t want to mess with updates. You want to look good. You want to create and make content available. You want to earn money. And any help you can get, you’ll take. That’s why the ultimate winner has to be Rainmaker.

What I did last night was to build out an entire membership site and online course on Rainmaker. Three hours – by just uploading files, clicking within the site, and filling in the blanks. All because Rainmaker is awesome!

Rainmaker has been a savior. With its membership and e-commerce features, I no longer waste precious time wrangling plugins and features that break with site updates, and I can spend my time the way I should — growing my business. With terrific, timely customer support, Rainmaker has one of the best ROIs of any services I use in my business.

Everyone I talked to on the Rainmaker team were extremely friendly, knowledgeable, sharp, and on their game. I can see where they are going with this app, and the roadmap they’ve laid out is beautiful. Rainmaker is honestly the best app for online marketers that I’ve seen…ever. It may not be perfect for everyone right now, but my recommendation, whether you choose to check it out now or not, is to keep it on your radar. This software is something special.

I am still in the build-out phase but, so far, the two biggest pluses are the range of attractive useful themes, and your impressive and impressively-fast product support. And even though I have barely started the first site, I am buying a second one because it’s going to be such a value for me.

I’m tickled pink with the Rainmaker Platform. Built one site in less than a day that is converting already!

It’s literally plug and play. I just wish I could get all those wasted hours back trying to do this stuff myself.

If you blog, market and sell, you know what tools you need to make it happen. WordPress, the right theme, a member plugin, forms, SEO/keyword stuff, a shopping cart, PayPal, CAPTCHA, etc, etc, etc.

But what if you didn’t have to deal with any of the BS, and you could just create content? And only create content. That’s what Rainmaker has done for me.

Setting up a private member area was simple. Rainmaker gave me all the tools to get it done quickly. I sell fitness programs and online coaching, and now I can focus on that instead of endlessly configuring plugins and payment gateways (I set up Stripe and PayPal in under 5 minutes).

I’m also pretty floored by the landing page features. With Rainmaker’s technical features backed by Copyblogger’s marketing brilliance, all I have to do is plug in the information I want to deliver to my readers and prospects. And it looks fantastic.

If you want to make money online — and do it with an outstanding, media-driven brand — I highly recommend the Rainmaker platform.

Rainmaker has done something very powerful for me; quieted and focused my mind. Before Rainmaker I was all over the place with ideas. Through Rainmaker’s education and workflow, I have a clear vision of what my brand needs to do to be successful.

Rainmaker has made my life ten times easier! It’s the perfect all-in-one package, and it’s really saved me a TON of time and money. My favorite features are the quick and easy landing page and conversion builders. This platform took a complicated process and broke it down into easy, manageable steps for me to do. I would highly recommend Rainmaker to anyone wanting to start a business online – it has everything you need, from the blog, podcast, portfolio, membership page builder, sales pages, forums, analytics, SEO, and beautiful designs and user-friendly interface. This has been the best experience i’ve ever had with a platform. Thank you so much for creating this and making online marketing a breeze!

I love the idea that I won’t have to do any more updating or hunting around for plugins (and then worrying if they will work or not).

The more I see how (poorly) WordPress is used for membership sites, it’s quite apparent the Rainmaker Platform is going to crush it. Copyblogger Media has created a game changer for bloggers and content marketers who want the ability to create beautiful membership sites, optimize and sell digital content, continue their marketing education, track their metrics, and never have to worry about the technical side of their website.

The strategies, features, and giving freely of knowledge by the Rainmaker (…and Copyblogger) teams is truly unprecedented. I am consuming everything you offer as fast as I can. Truly amazing stuff that really makes sense. The content library as well as a fully integrated, yet simple, online course module are excellent. The simplicity of everything, i.e. usability, makes the underlying power of the platform all that more disruptive.

I’ve been early beta user now for a few months. I am structuring my offerings at Roadmap for Experts to make the best use of the Rainmaker Platform for not only my needs but for my growing list of clients. I can’t wait to see what you have coming next. Hubspot, you better look out!”

Rainmaker is by far the best platform I have ever used. The ease of importing my content, customizing my site layouts, and getting a world-class platform setup – without having to spend hours and hours of configuring the back end – is priceless. It goes without saying that one of the most valuable features of the Rainmaker platform is the kick-ass service provided by Copyblogger Support Superstars. I’ve had a few questions during the trial, and every single support inquiry has received a top-notch quality response in a very timely manner. I would recommend Rainmaker to anyone who wants to “spend more time in front of their audience instead of their server.” Rainmaker Rocks!

Wow, page load times for the Rainmaker Platform are terribly fast!

Oh Rainmaker, I love you. That is all.

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